Who We Are

Focusing on advanced manufacturing and new materials development, Ninjas Printing Inc. is an explorer in additive manufacturing (AM) that brings Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) technologies in AM processes using multitype advanced materials with customizable performance. Our cutting-edge EHD process and hardware ensure reliable printing performance with extreme conditions such as vibrations, accelerations, and gravitational changes. These explorations enable new innovations, including on-site AM, electronics repair, hydrodynamics studies, and AM in-space.

Xiaolei Shi

CFO & Founding Director

Scientist at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Shi was a former adjunct assistant professor in Food Science & Human Nutrition at Iowa State University. She is currently a scientist at Chemical & Biological Engineering at UW-Madison. Her research focuses on the application of 3D printing of electronic devices, food materials, biopolymers, and pharmaceuticals using material extrusion and fused deposition modeling methods and using hydrocolloids and hydrogels as reference materials. Research interest includes:

  • Application of 3D printing on food materials, biopolymers, and pharmaceuticals using methods of material extrusion and fused deposition modeling;
  • Using hydrocolloids and hydrogels as reference materials for food printing;
  • Building relationships between rheological properties and printability to predict the suitability of potential material for 3D printing;
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis of peanut protein and other proteins from grain and legume to improve nutritional properties 
  • Thermal processing of peanut, nut, and oil seed for quality optimization.

Zhenqi Li

CFO & Founding Director

Co-Founder at Smart Orange Inc.

Smart Orange Inc is a data service organization that serves our clients to develop their business model based on a different data analysis method.

Executive Director at Synergy World Inc.

Synergy World Inc. is helping small businesses conduct data mining on eBay and Amazon online.

  • Operation research study for wind turbine scheduling.
  • Applying a reliability model to conduct risk assessment to wind turbines.
  • Cost optimization of renewable energy via linear programming method.
  • An integrated inventory model for supply chain with economic lot size and crashing cost approach.
  • Analysis of probability distribution by measured sample space and validation by simulation with Matlab.
  • Using Bayes’ Statistics in decision making for some criteria with uncertainty, such as considering the weight of the criteria as a priori and doing simulation to compare the results.
  • Applying Multiple Regression analysis with R to predict Dow Jones Index, with crude oil price, GDP and international transaction credibility etc., as predictors.
  • Decision-making analysis based on Logical Decision software and analyze alternatives/criteria by Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) and calculate utility function by Swing Weight Method.
  • Utilizing Monte Carlo simulation to deal with discrete or continuous systems engineering problems.